Friday 20 July 2018

Dispatches From Mom: July 20, 2013

As Jacquie and family travel to Saskatchewan on their way back to Ontario - this double rainbow was captured last night as they were leaving Edmonton - here is Mom's account of the very wet and eventful 7-hour drive she and Jacquie took from Quebec to Fredericton, New Brunswick for the genealogy conference:

The second stage of our venture into the past began on Saturday, the 20th of July. After stopping for breakfast at our customary Tim Horton's for a maple sausage panini, our vacation fast-food breakfast staple, we headed for Fredericton, New Brunswick. We were enthralled with the continuation of the gorgeous Appalachian Mountains throughout Quebec and this province and were amazed at the wonderful countryside scenery before our eyes. All was well until we happened hit a monster of a rainstorm during the last hour of our trip to Fredericton, where we were to stay at a Best Western for the night. Once we arrived and were settled in our room we ordered out, ate our meal and headed for a relaxation time at the pool downstairs. If anyone deserved this it was our driver, Jacquie, who kept her cool throughout that terrible torrential downpour.

And speaking as someone who took a quick road trip with Jacquie in 2012 - to go celebrate our grandmother Simone's 95th birthday in Kelowna, BC - she is a very calm driver. And I love her to bits!

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