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July 21, 2013: Down By the Bay (Of Fundy)!

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The next morning, Sunday the 21st, we packed up the car again and headed for Nova Scotia. We began with our customary vacation time fast-food breakfast at Tim Horton`s, and we were on our way. Excitement was really starting to build up. Penelope was being such a great passenger all the way, quite remarkable for a 23-month old. One of my greatest travelling highlights was sitting in the back seat with Penelope for the entire trip engaging her in the various activities and reconnecting with her after one year of absence. The drive being quite pleasant throughout the day, we scheduled a stop for gas and added another roadside stop to stretch out our somewhat stiff limbs. Our next stop was at a grocery store to pick up a few items for supper, which we stored in our very convenient portable fridge, on the floor by the front seat. We were now a little more prepared for our week-long stay at our rented seaside cottage called Sunset Retreat, on the shores of the Bay of Fundy.
All along Highway 1 we passed numerous little communities which spoke of the unique character of the Maritimes and its people, driving along the pretty shores and in the various little towns and villages admiring their neat, bright coloured houses. What was really striking to us also, was the amount of absolutely gorgeous Victorian-style homes that we passed along the way, at times whole blocks of them, especially noticeable as we got closer to the Digby and Annapolis Royal area. It was like stepping back into a much earlier time period. The excitement was really starting to build up as we realized that we were almost there! We continued down a series of winding roads until we noticed the sign that indicated we had reached Parker's Cove. Continuing on, our GPS soon announced that we had arrived at our destination. Passing a grove of trees, we entered a driveway and stopped in front of this pretty white 2-storey cottage.
We were finally here! Jacquie and I sat there in awe for a few minutes just taking it in. We brought a few things in with Penelope, then Jacquie went out and brought in the rest while I looked after Penelope. The first thing we did was stand at the large picture window in the living room and stare incredulously at the ocean lapping at the rocks and watch as the odd seal would stick his head out of the water, just below the back of the yard. After a quick supper we organized our luggage, then proceeded to watch our very first eastern ocean sunset. What a beautiful, unforgettable sight!

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