Monday 9 March 2020

Summer 1986: Expo!

Expo 86 is by far the biggest trip I have been on  (so far anyway)

And certainly the most fun!

It was truly fortunate circumstances that allowed Mom and I to travel to Vancouver with a group from our church at the time, led by Father Ray.

Off we went in a large van: Mom, myself, Jeannine and her daughter Andrea, and our friends Irene, Eugene and David.

We weren't going to worry about Klondike Days that year.

Because we were sure that Expo was going to be something quite special.

And it certainly was. 

Absolutely worth the three-day road trip to get there, with stops in Lacombe and High Prairie included, so I could visit Dad for a few days.

Even worth the hour of silence daily on the road ("No Mike, even though your Sanyo Sportster has earphones", Mom advised,

But hey, there's lots of fine and wonderful scenery to take in in BC.

Trees, peaches and cherries oh my!

And once we arrived at the Expo grounds for our two-day visit, it was truly a world-class affair.

Pavillions from every country imaginable...

The McBarge (the line was too huge, so we didn't go on it).

My first cinema dome experience, which I believe was premiered at Expo.

Roller coasters, birds and speedboats all around me!

As well as a cross-Canada IMAX 3D presentation.

The flying birds in that one sure were cool!

First-time karaoke in a professional recording studio on the grounds called Studio 86!

The song? Karma Chameleon, by Culture Club.

A side trip to Stanley Park, a slice of paradise in the heart of Vancouver. Hopefully it still is!

But most importantly....

Mom and I got to spend about a week in BC seeing and doing great things with great people.

People who made sure that I had a good time.

And who also made sure that she had assistance in her desire to help me get around Expo's massive area.

I love you Mom.

This one's for you.


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