Monday 13 April 2020

Happy Easter Penelope And Mikaela!

Happy Easter Penelope and Mikaela!

You look very stylish in your dresses!

And you sure look like you had fun!

Especially with the bunny pancakes!

I know Grandma Annie would be so proud of you two!

I know you guys are living through a confusing time right now.

You can't go to school.

And you have to stay home.

Staying home from school might sound like fun for a while.

But you also can't get together with your friends right now.

Because there are many many people who are sick right now.

All over the world, and including Calgary and Edmonton.

And all over Canada too.

But there are two things we can do to help the sick people in Canada and Calgary and Edmonton get better.

We can stay home.

And we can wash our hands whenever we think of it.

I know that sounds pretty silly, you guys.

But it really does work!

For you guys.

For your mom and dad.

Even for your Uncle Mike and Auntie Shawna!

So we can all do that, can't we?

I know your mom and dad have lots of fun stuff planned for you guys!

So have fun, and we'll see you when we can all visit again!

I love you Penelope and Mikaela!

Happy Easter!

Uncle Mike

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