Wednesday 15 April 2020


Hello Mikaela!

How are you doing?

Are you six years old already?


The days sure go fast!

Can I just tell you one thing though?

A little bit of Uncle Mike advice?

Take your time and enjoy growing up.

You'll meet all kinds of people.

And do all kinds of exciting things.

And dear Mikaela, you might be in a hurry to grow up.

I know I was.

So was your mom.

And probably your dad.

(I didn't know him when he was six years old though. So I can't be sure ha ha)

But I know Auntie Shawna was in a hurry too.

And you know what?

Now all of us are all MUCH older than six.

And sometimes we all wish we could go back to being six.

So  we could enjoy life as much as you do Mikaela!

You are sweet.

You are helpful.

And you are kind.

Those are three things that will take you far as you go through life.

Grandpa Paul told me he likes talking to you because you keep him on his toes!

And I know that Grandma Annie would be proud of you, young lady!

We all are so proud of you! And we love you so much!

Take your time and enjoy being six.

Happy Birthday Mikaela!

I love you.

Uncle Mike

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