Saturday 18 July 2020

Spring 1983: Family Swim Fun!

Seeing this picture of the ACT Center pool in Rundle Park brought back memories of taking swimming lessons every Saturday morning for about two years.

Great exercise, and actually a great way to start the day.

Being lucky enough to be able to ride DATS as a just-about teen, I usually got picked up in a bus between 7:45 and 8. The lesson started around 9, and generally ran until 10:15 or 10:30.

And if you don't know or haven't figured it out yet...

...a pool is one of the few places where the disabled can achieve true freedom.

Because of the weightlessness of water, walking is achievable.

And downright exhilarating.

Of course you have to make sure that you have your footing in the first place.

Even when holding on to a plastic barbell, as I was doing on one Family Swim Day.

I was there along with Mom, Dad, and Jacquie.

As well as my buddy Casey and his brother.

We were having a great time.

All of a sudden, I lost my grip on the barbell.

Down I went to the bottom (even with waterwings...shhh lol)

But thankfully Dad scooped me up after five seconds or so.

I didn't even pass out.

I survived!

And this being in 1983, a big deal was not made about it.

We moved on.

And even went to the Globetrotters game later that night with Casey and his family.

All in all, a busy and fun day!

This one's for you Annie.

Love Mike

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