Wednesday 3 June 2020

Summer 1983: Rainbow Adventures AKA Up, Up And...OMG!!!

Yes I rode the Rainbow on a rainy summer morning in 1983, along with Mom and Jacquie, at Edmonton's Klondike Days.

On the recommendation of a daycamp counselor I had met a couple years before.

"Oh yes, Michel, it's totally safe," she assured us.

I can assure you that I screamed  when we flipped over at the highest point.

Each of the three times we did so during the course of the ride.

Although we were adequately strapped in and each hanging on to a bar, there was nothing stopping our feet from slipping, should we lose our balance.

So in my case, Mom's foot (and I think Jacquie's too I think) were jammed over mine to prevent that from happening.

But hey folks...I survived!

And I certainly don't hold anything against that daycamp worker, or the Klondike Days organization.

Because looking back on it 37 years was pretty cool!

And I have to tell you that 1983 was a time when, if you as a disabled person wanted to try something not usually done, and had a family member or friend willing to help, it usually happened.

And when one of those people was Mom, you couldn't lose!

This one's for you Annie.

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