Tuesday 5 May 2020

Fall 1981: Mom Kept Us Healthy AKA Footballs And Baseballs

One of the things I remember most about Mom was how health conscious she always was, and how she wanted Jacquie and I to have the best health possible.

To that end, she introduced us to garlic pills

and cod liver oil pills

Which we called footballs and baseballs respectively.

Now the garlic pills had a very definitive aftertaste.
And the cod liver oil was encased in a clear membrane.
Because to take it straight, we would have to put up with a taste similar to castor oil.
However, we soon got used to it.
And beginning in the fall of 1981...
...we had the healthiest year either of us has ever had.
Looking back on it, it was certainly not cheap.
And so we appreciate the sacrifices Mom made so we could have these.
We love you Mom!

This one's for you.

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